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EXTRA CALCIUM? Do you want to lose weight in a simple way and you will find tasty yogurt? Then you have probably ever thought about the yogurt . Many studies show that yogurt has a positive effect on fat burning. But it is therefore wise to follow the yogurt ? I'll explain in detail in this article about the yogurt content and whether it is safe to get started. ultra trim 350 Contents of this article: What is the yogurt ? How does the yogurt ? Is yogurt healthy? How to lose weight without yogurt? WHAT IS THE YOGURT? As the name suggests, the yogurt consists mainly of a lot of yogurt. Researcher Michael Zemel there namely discovered that the calcium in yogurt stimulates the enzymes that are partly responsible for fat burning. Therefore he claims that you can lose weight 20% more as someone who does not eat yogurt. Thereby makes yogurt also for that your muscles remain more intact. What stood out in his research is that the subjects especially lost a lot of weight around their waist. This is not only enjoyable for people who want to get rid of their belly fat, but so is also significantly reduced the risk of .


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